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About Hilkeijo

I have been making jewelry for over 43 years.  My first “store” was a tiny table set up outside in front of “Eleanor Owl,” my aunt’s Provincetown, Massachusetts seasonal art boutique.  I sold seed bead necklaces that I strung on elastic cord for $1.00 each.  I was 12.

Life happened, and much time has passed since then.  As I was ending my career that had progressed up the accounting ladder to municipal budget analysis, I decided to return to my love for jewelry making.  It was a passion that had been stored away for the sake of that steady paycheck.

I love to create with colors.  I use natural gemstones, artisan lamp-worked glass and crystals with 14k gold filled, sterling silver, or copper wire to make unique jewelry and accessories.  I love creating a piece that brings its owner joy, and I will custom make any of my designs to your specification.

A fun little piece of information … the name Hilkeijo is a combination of part of my name Hil de, my husband’s name Kei th, and our last name Jo hnson …

Welcome to the colorful world of Hilkeijo … jewelry and other fun stuff!

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