Since we have become aware of how well masks stop the spread of a virus, a lot of us choose to wear them to protect ourselves and others. But, they are not always comfortable to wear, so ... we put them on ... we take them off ... we put them back on ... we take them back off. With a beautiful, colorful, beaded mask lanyard you can hang your mask comfortably around your neck for safe keeping. You will always know where it is, and it is available for easy access.

Mask Lanyard

Metal Color
  • All lanyards contain over seventy-five beautiful lampwork glass and crystal beads, with a length from 24 to 28 inches. Please be sure to select if you want your lanyard strung on wire or elastic (recommended), and the color of clasp that you would prefer. If you have a preference for the length of your lanyard, please add a comment in the note section to let me know.